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Sma Hjartan

Sma Hjartan

48 " x 56" (120 x 140 cm)





Hjartans Frojd Square

Sma Hjartan

Unique Quality Features
The textile is woven using cotton and bamboo viscose yarn, which offers a warm, light and very soft plaid. The excellent moisture absorption of the bamboo viscose helps control and eliminate the moisture which a body naturally perspire. The bamboo has natural antibacterial properties which reduce the tendacy of bad smell and odor associated with perspiration and high humidity.
Growing bamboo does not require chemicals or artificial watering. The bamboo viscose yarn in this product has been certified envirinmentally appropraite in accordance with Forrest Stewardhip Coucil (FSC) regulations by the Norwegian Veritas. The certification applies to the growing process and the fiber process (the raw materials for the viscose).

Blanket is 50% Cotton and 50% Bamboo