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We Offer a Large Selection of Traditional Candy, Cookies, Bakery, Fish, Cheese, Pickled Herring, Sausages, Beverages, and More.

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Perishable Foods Need Ice and Faster Shipping Outside of Florida
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Swedish Potato Sausage
Beef, Pork, Potato
Swedish Meatballs
Beef, Pork & Spices
Cooked then Frozen, Heat & Serve
Swedish Meatballs
Heat and Serve with White Sauce Recipe on the Bag
Falukorv Sausage
Cooked Sausage, Beef ,Pork,
Potato Starch, Onion and Seasonings
Call For Shipping
$ 13.00 lb. Frozen

Call for Shipping
$13.00 Bag, 20 oz. Frozen

Call For Shipping
$13.00 Bag - 20 oz. Frozen

Available, October
$ 14.00 per lb. Frozen

Prinskorv (Prince Sausage)
Cooked Sausage, Often Served at Christmas
Gottenburg Sausage
Mild Summer Sausage
Abba Swedish Herring
Traditional, Dill, Onion, or Mustard
Abba Swedish Anchovy Fillets
Available October
$ 18.00 lb. Frozen

Call for Shipping
$18.00 1 lb. pc. Refrigerated

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$6.95 - 8.5 oz. Refrigerated

Call For Shipping
$ 6.50 - 4.4 oz. Refrigerated

Kalles Caviar Spread
Creamed Smoked Roe
Matjes Herring
Abba Salmon Spread
Smoked Salmon and Fish Roe
Abba Swedish Matjes Herring
Call For Shipping
$ 7.95 - 6.7oz. Refrigerated

Call for Shipping
$ 10.95 - 20oz. Refrigerated

Call For Shipping
$ 7.95 - 145g Refrigerated

Call For Shipping
$ 8.25 - 7 oz. Refrigerated

Swedish Import Farmer Cheese 2 lb. Round USA Bond-Ost
Farmer Cheese, Plain or Caraway
Swedish Precut Cheese
Herrgard, Prastost, XO Vasterbotten
Swedish Whole Anchovies
21.1 Oz.
Call for Shipping
1 lb. 1/2 Round Available

Call for Shipping
$ 16.50 1 lb. Refrigerated

No Longer Available

Call for Shipping
$ 10.95 - Refrigerated

Nokkelost Cheese
Mild Cheese with Caraway & Cloves
Ekte Geitost
100% GoatCheese
Ski Queen Geitost
Blended Goat Cheese
Gudbrandsdalsost Geitost
Blended Goat Cheese
Call for Shipping
Cut to Order - Refrigerated

Call for Shipping
$ 13.50 - 8.8oz. Refrigirated

Call for Shipping
$ 13.50 - 8.8oz. Refrigirated

Call for Shipping,
$ 22.95 - 500g. Refrigirated

Norwegian Salmon
Smoked and Pre-Sliced, 8.8 oz.
North Atlantic Shrimp
Pre-Cooked in Salt Water
Hot Dogs, Pork & Beef
Pork Sausage
Call for Shipping
$ 18.95 Frozen

Call for Shipping
$ 16.95 lb. Frozen

Call for Shipping
$ 20.50 lb.Frozen

Call for Shipping,
$ 20.50 lb. Frozen

King Oscar Gaffelbiter
Herring Tidbits, Dill or Sherry, 50 g.
Potato Lefse
Soft Thin Potato Bread
Pork & Beef 1.25 lb., 4 Pc.
Swedish Matjes Herring
600 gram
Call for Shipping
$ 4.95 - Refrigerated

Call for Shipping
10 Ct. or 6 Ct. Sheets-Frozen

Call for Shipping
$ 20.50 - lb. Frozen

Call for Shipping,
$ 10.50 Refrigirated

Red, White & Blue Kringle         Special Flavors      Rhubarb Kringle

Red, White and Blue Kringles                                        Rhubard Kringles

Cherry, Cream Cheese and Blueberry Filling         Available Thursday May 23rd    Limited Supply                      

Almond Kringle Raspberry Kringle Rhubarb Kringle

Better Hurry Only Made
Once a Year
Red White Blue

Cherry, Cream Cheese and Blueberry Filling
In Stock

In Stock

For a Limited Time

Limited Supply

Pecan Apple Kringle Cherry Kringle Blueberry Kringle
In Stock

In Stock

Real Wisconsin Cherries

In Stock

Cherry Cheese Cinnamon Roll Cream Cheese Turtle
In Stock

In Stock

In Stock

In Stock

Birthday, Raspberry Custard Almond Macaron Wisconsin Cranberry
Cherry & Cream Cheese
Seven sisters
A Danish Birthday Favorite

In Stock

Tart and Sweet Delicious

Almond Custard Filling

This Wonderful Pastry is Available Year Round