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Rim Cookie Cutters
Bite Sized Cookies to Perch on the Rim
Of a Cup of Your Favorite Coffee or Cocoa.
3 Assorted Shapes Tied With Swedish Folk Ribbon,
Comes With a Recipe Card.
2" Avg. Size $8.50 per Set of 3
Knitware Spatulas
Marius of Norway Crated These Rubber Spatulas For Us.
Now You Can Celebrate Your Nordic Heritage While You Whip Up Your Latest Culinary Treat
With These Heat Resistant Utensils.

12" $ 25.00       8" Mini Set of 2 $20.50
Rim Cookie Cutters
Bite Sized Cookies to Perch on the Rim
Of a Cup of Your Favorite Coffee or Cocoa.
3 Assorted Shapes Tied With Swedish Folk Ribbon,
Comes With a Recipe Card.
2" Avg. Size $8.50 per Set of 3




This is the newest cookie cutter from Sweden. Just roll out your dough and press the cutter twice to make all the parts you need to create a gingerbread house or stand-up Christmas trees!. These cutter comes with a recipe card tied to the cutter with Swedish ribbon. A great gift for a baker on your list.

Measures 7.7" x 11"
$12.00 Each

  Gingerbread House
  Christmas Tree


Pine Cone Tins
Our non-stick tins come with a recipe for gingerbread tied with Swedish ribbon. ( Sprinkle powdered sugar on the cookies and they liik like snowy pine cones )
Item 1104   3.5"
$10.50 per Set of 9
Engraved Heart Rolling Pin
Our Rolling Pin Will Press a Pattern of Hearts
Across Your Cookies
It Comes With Recipes and Instructions
Tied To The Handle With Swedish Folk Ribbon

Item 7064    9.7" Roller    $29.00
Sandbakkel Tins
Non-stick finish tins with blue anodized undersides make those delicious, almondy cookies we love. A set of 9 assorted shapes comes tied with Swedish ribbon and a recipe.
Item 1102       2"
$10.50 per Set of 9

Our Rolling Pin Will Press a Knit Pattern, Across Your Cookies, It Comes With Recipes and Instructions, Tied To The Handle With Swedish Folk Ribbon

OVEN PANCAKE PAN   Comes With Recipes and Instructions, 11.5"

  Engraved Rolling Pin, 15", Knit Pattern $29.00
  Oven Pancake Pan, Nonstick Surface, Easy Clean $32.00  

SANDBAKKEL SET of 36 Boxed, 6 each of 6 Designs
Recipes and Instructions Included $ 18.95

Pastry/Tart Tamper $ 7.95
Make Even Bottomed Tarts, Pies, Pastries and Quiches

  Sandbakkel Tin Set 36pc.$18.95
  Pastry/Tart Tamper $7.95

Krumkake Baker by Suzzane Toftey
Krumkake Baker

Makes traditional Scandinavian delicacies deliciously crisp, delightfully easy. It has an indicator light and thermostatic heat control to bake two 5" cookies in just 30 seconds. A cone roller is not included, easy-to-follow direcitons and a recipe are included.

  Krumkake Baker Electric ( Wooden Cone Not Included ) $68.00
  Wooden Cone $6.95
  Krumkake Baker Tile 6" x 6" $15.00

Swedish Pancake Pan
Pancake Baker by Suzzane Toftey
SWEDISH PANCAKE PAN (Plättar) Cast iron.

Deluxe model (not shown) non-stick surface, stay cool handle.

  Pancake Pan, Cast Iron $35.00
  Deluxe Pan, Non-Stick $38.00


Almond Cake Baker by Suzzane Toftey
Almond Cake Baker Tile
Measures 6" x 6"    $15.00

Original Almond Cake Pan
Comes with a recipe card..

12"    $16.00 Each
Almond Cake Pan
Our teflon-coated and dishwasher safe cake pan makes this favorite of Swedish
Cakes. It comes with a recipe card tied on with Swedish folk Ribbon.

Item 1107       12"    $16.00 Each

Scandinavian Almond Cake Pan
Kransakake Baker by Suzzane Toftey
These non-stick rings make it easy to make a beautiful celebration cake known as the Kranse Kake meaning "ring cake". It's a series of rings made from an almond dough, then stacked on top of each other and decorated with icing, flags and other items. A traditional wedding cake in Norway and fun for all kinds of special and just because occasions.
Recipe is included. Click here for recipe
Scandinavian Kranse Kake RIngs ( Set of 6 ) $40.00


Bright chrome exterior and non-stick grids make cleanup a snap. Automatic temperature control for even heating, an indicator light assures even, error-free browning, and stay-cool handles.
  Electric Heart Waffle Iron Baker $68.00

Rosette & Timbale, 6 piece set
Rosette Baker byu Suzzane Toftey
Traditional Rosette & Timbale Cookie Set, 6 piece set .
Make Delicious, deep-fried, melt-in-your-mouth Scandinavian cookies and pastry shells.

  Rosette & Timbale 7 piece set $32.50
  Rosette Baker Tile 6" x 6" $17.00
  Tomte Cookie Cutters, Set of 3, Tied with Ribbon and a Recipe $7.00

  Non-Stick Lefse Grill $178.00
  Potato Ricer $29.00
  Lefse Pastry Board and Cloth Set $42.00
  Lefse Pastry Cloth Only for Round Board $25.00

           Rolling Pins:
  Lefse Rolling Pin, Square Cut $52.00
  Lefse Rolling Pin, Grooved $38.00
  Rolling Pin Cover Only $5.00
  Rolling Pin Cover & Pastry Cloth Set $10.00

           Lefse Sticks:
  Turn Stick, 7/8" x 24", Painted Red Handle $8.95
  Plain Wood Turn Stick, 1.5" x 24" $10.95
  Plain Wood Turn Stick, 1.5" x 24" With Sheath $16.00

Aebleskiver Baker by Suzzane Toftey
Norwegian Cheeseslicers
Aebleskiver PanAEBLESKIVER PAN Cast Iron

Small 6 1/2" Diameter.

Large Pictured Above 9" Dia.

Non Stick 8.5" Diameter Right

  Small, Aebleskiver Pan, Cast Iron $24.00 6.5" Dia.
  Large, Aebleskiver Pan, Cast Iron $45.00 With Wooden Handle 9" Diameter
  Non-stick Aebleskiver Pan $40.00 8.5" Dia.

The draw plane cheeseslicer was invented in Norway, and this is the original all Norwegian product. The beachwood and stainless steel construction will give years of service. The cheeseslicer pictured on the right is specially designed for use with soft cheese.

  Cheeseslicer (left) $38.00
  Cheeseslicer for soft cheese (right) $38.00 Sold Out

Swedish Cookie Cutters
Set of 3 cutters,
Moose, Dala Horse & Heart.
Tied with Swedish folk ribbon
and recipe card.
3" Average
$7.00 per Set of 3
Heart Cookie Cutter 4"

Single 4" Heart Cutter
$3.00 Each
Dala Horse Cookie Cutter

Single 4" Horse Cutter
$3.00 Each
Fattigmann Cutter
The Easy Way
To Make Delicious Norwegian Cookies
$ 38.00


Scandinavian Aprons & Chef Hats

Chef Hats $15.00      Chef Aprons $24.00

  Finnish Chef's Hat
  Finnish Chef's Apron

  Danish Chef's Hat
  Danish Chef's Apron

  Norwegian Chef's Hat
  Norwegian Chef's Apron

  Swedish Chef's Hat
  Swedish Chef's Apron