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Norwegian Hadeland Glass Nissen


Nissen are cherished characters of Scandinavian folklore that children, young and old, have remembered for generations. Today the Nissen inhabit not only the farmsteads, but each city home, as well. Don't forget to leave a treat for your Nissen on Christmas Eve to ensure your family's good fortune in the coming year!

We have a family of Nissen created in mouth-blown glass by Hadeland of Norway.

  Nisse Dad, Red Hat 4.5" tall $89.00 On Order October Delivery
  Nisse Mom, Red Hat, 4.2" tall $89.00 On Order
  Nisse Grandpa, Red Hat 6.5" tall $125.00 On Order
  Nisse Grandma, Red Hat 5.5" tall $125.00 On Order
  Nisse Children (set of 2), 2.6" tall $85.00 On Order